This is based on a true story. Except names had been changed to protect the guilty. Yes, the guilty. That’s what we do here in the Philippines. We protect the guilty.

It is election day. Peter is running for president. He has got to win. Losing is not an option. But he is not so popular and not so bright. There is only one recourse for him – be pragmatic. Do what works.

Peter comes from a rich family. His father is a congressman. His mother is the mayor of their city. Their family fortune grows as the national budget grows. Peter has come to know the importance of money if one wants to be successful in politics.

It is election day. Peter is a bit nervous. After all his opponent is not only intelligent, he has a great sense of humor and very handsome. No wonder he is very popular. But Peter knows that he possesses what his opponent does not have. He has a lot of money in his pocket.

Another thing Peter has learned in Philippine politics is that the candidate never does the dirty work. He hires goons. In Peter’s case, Mario and Lucas are always there for him. They are the parasites that attach themselves to Peter’s generosity. They are his bitches.

It is election day. Peter hands over a role of money to both Mario and Lucas. Fifty peso bills. The two lackeys immediately spring to action. Peter hangs back.

Minutes turn to hours.

It is official! Peter has won! Peter is the class president of grade six of St. Jude Elementary School!

Mr. Congressman and Mrs. Mayor are just so proud of their boy. They see a bright future for him in Philippine politics. Maybe he does not even have to go to college.