Lets not forget that we live in a fallen world and in an ever present evil age. This does not mean though that nothing good is in or can come out of this world. It means that it needs renewing. Jesus in Matthew 19:28 tells us that the renewal of all things will come when the Son of Man sits on His glorious throne. But, until Jesus comes again, He lights up this dark and wicked world, here and there, by means of His word and His people. He also uses His people as salt of the earth to preserve this earth’s inhabitants from total moral bankruptcy and prevent its different ethnic groups from completely devouring one another.

I do not want to sound pessimistic. My idealism is still with me but I have become more and more realistic. The reason being – my knowledge of the word of God keeps on expanding. There is no escaping the view that until Jesus comes again, the only thing that prevents this world from revisiting the pre-flood times of Genesis 6 is the prayer of God’s people for the salvation of their loved ones. There are so much evil people in the world and some of them are our own relatives and friends. And so we pray for them. And as we pray for them we also wish before the Lord that things around us would be better; that living conditions improve in our world. God listens to the prayer of His people.

But how can I not be pessimistic when time and again what I read in the newspapers is corruption in high places. While Robin Hood robbed the rich and gave to the poor, it is the reverse here in the Philippines. The rich keep robbing the poor to make themselves richer. Of course I am referring to the rich and powerful in Philippine politics.

How can people with so much gold still want to stay in power? How can filthy rich people with so much power still want more gold?

Jesus warned us that we cannot serve two masters. Either we will serve God or Money. In other words, Jesus is saying we are either slaves of God or slaves of Money. Those who serve God are the ones who are truly free. Those who serve Money will remain slaves forever without them knowing how cruel their master truly is.

I like it when I can answer my own questions. So the questions again are:

How can people with so much gold still want to stay in power? How can filthy rich people with so much power still want more gold?

And the simple answer is: It is because they have to do their master’s will. They might not even know his name but they are under his spell and power. His name used to be Lucifer. He is now better known as Satan.

There is ever present evil in the world because the god of this world is Satan. Of the seven billion people now living on earth, how many do you think are his slaves, other than the rich and powerful in the Philippines who keep robbing the poor and even the victims of various calamities?