In Mark 8:36-37, Jesus asks: For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

Most of our national and local leaders together with their cronies will end up in hell dahil sa pangungurakot na ginawa nila; unless, they make restoration.

Many of our people believe, as I do, that our country would have remained up there with Japan and China, economy wise, had our leaders been caring enough for their fellowmen. We know that, once, our people had the heart and mind to be a very successful nation.

What has happened to us? Why is it that so few are mega rich while so many are dirt poor in our country today? How can so few lavish themselves with champagne and caviar, steak and lobster while so many exists on rice and sardines?

The answer is shockingly simple: The powerful few in government and their conniving cronies had sold their souls to the devil. They live in mansions and are chauffeured around in luxury SUVs while the many push and shove their way in and out of mass transit cabs, or stare into nothingness packed inside jeepneys and buses for hours stuck in traffic somewhere, day in and day out.

Filipino life could have been nice. Maybe, even very nice. But as it is, Filipinos continue to force themselves to adopt and adjust to their environment and economic realities, even to the point of subhuman existence while they wait for the opportunity to get out of the shanties they call home and go somewhere – – anywhere that would provide for the prospect of a better future even if it means getting in harm’s way and missing the childhood of their sons and daughters.

Though the light at the end of the tunnel is still nowhere in sight, there is hope. There is hope because 90% of us look upon ourselves as Christians, as followers of Jesus Christ. This means that we can be like Christ. This means that the mega rich among us can cause the tide to rise and lift all boats.

Jesus Christ had to give up His life to save His people from their sins, but this is not required of us. All that the thieves and crooks in government has to do is make restoration. Give back what you stole from our people by paying up our national debt. This will render your deal with the devil null and void.

Confess your sins to a priest and let the church give the money you stole back to the government. Principal and interest, of course.

Please do not burn in hell.