Balita ng on 09/02/09: Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III on Wednesday announced that he will be going on a retreat this coming weekend for “divine guidance” for his plans on the 2010 presidential elections.

Tanong ko lang, “Bakit nakapaloob sa quotation marks ang phrase na divine guidance?” Para bang hindi naniniwala ang reporter na ito na naglalaan ang Diyos ng gabay para sa mga naghahanap sa Kanyang kalooban.

Nang ma-assasinate si Ninoy noong August 21, 1983 nasa America ako noon at namamasukan sa Prison Fellowship, ang ministry na itinatag ni Charles Colson na siyang Special Counsel ni President Nixon nang pumutok ang Watergate scandal. The day after that turning point in the history of the Philippines, Colson, before we began our director’s meeting, shared with us how he met Ninoy. They shared the same flight once and Ninoy introduced himself and shared with Colson how his book, Born Again, helped him during the days of his confinement. Then I was asked to lead in a word of prayer. I remember praying for Ninoy’s family and the freedom fighters of the Filipino nation. Chuck understood why I had to leave my job and join the Movement for Free Philippines in Washington, DC.

I must have viewed the tape of Ninoy’s final hours a hundred times. I read every newspaper and magazine article about Ninoy that I could lay my hands on. And I began to greatly admire the man.

Those were the days when I learned how to seek for divine guidance, the days when I learned how to pray. Rather, when Jesus taught me how to pray. And I know now that it was also Jesus who taught me how to seek God’s guidance.

Some people might interpret seeking divine guidance as a sign of weakness. That waiting on the Lord is pussyfooting. Well, some people might never had an encounter with Jesus. I wanted so much to return to the Philippines at that time. But the Lord had another plan for me. I had to wait 20 more years before God’s word, godly counsel, preparation, peace of heart and open door lined up and guided me back to the land of my birth that I may serve God’s Filipino people.

PNoy is doing the right thing. One can never go wrong seeking for divine guidance. It’s all good. Seeking divine guidance requires humility, faith and courage; qualities a president must have if he is to govern wisely.