Everyone has a worldview. Aware of it as such or not, a person’s worldview or system of beliefs and values ultimately directs his or her behavior. A worldview provides a way of explaining how the things that exist, and what takes place in the world, affect life in general. It is an overall perspective from which one sees and interprets the universe, a certain way of looking at life and the world around us.

The biblical Christian worldview describes the revelation of God concerning Himself, the nature of man and man’s relationship with God and with the universe. It is a worldview that is comprehensive, consistent, coherent, and cogent. It addresses every aspect of life. It does not contradict itself. Its different parts are held together as a unified whole. And it is both relevant and believable. It is biblical because it is based solely on the counsel of both Old and New Testaments. It is Christian because it is consonant with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Finally, it is biblical Christian because it distinguishes itself from other Christian worldviews that include objective values in their explanation and interpretation of what is true, right, and good and in their formulation of so-called “Christian” life principles. The biblical Christian worldview sees and interprets reality strictly from the vantage point of God’s revelation.

This module has six parts. The seventh part is the homework:

1 of 7 Ang Tamang Pananaw

2 of 7 Ang Tungkol sa Kalikasan ng Diyos

3 of 7 Ang Tungkol sa Kalikasan ng Tao

4 of 7 Ang tungkol sa Politica o Relasyon sa Awtoridad

5 of 7 Ang Tungkol sa Lipunan o Relasyon sa Kapwa

6 of 7 Ang Tungkol sa Economiya o Pangangasiwa ng Kaloob ng Diyos

7 of 7 Biblical Christian Worldview Homework